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Ted Stamm Estate


Paintings about "Woosters". Private image.

Woosters & Parmulo. MOMA.




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The minimalist style is reflected in monochromatic art. And this is an expression of a multifaceted movement which, through colour, expresses a feeling, an action or an emotion.


In the field of colour and monochromatic expression we find Ted Stamm.


His 40 years of life have proven that format (his more traditional Format, called Woosters, from Woosters Street) and colour are two elements that come together, like a Balance of weights and counterbalances. In the right measure lies the concept. And the concept is, as we know, a set of varied elements that are combined and interwoven. This form of composition, conceptualisation and monochromatic expression caught my attention when I discovered Stamm at the MOMA. And there I observed that his works were not only colour on a heterogeneous and square format.


I found Stamm's work fascinating. So much so that shortly afterwards I began to wonder whether this play on form and colour could be altered by a different conceptual approach: using colour and form on larger and more irregular formats. My painting called "Capote" (2017) represents this need to maintain colour and form on a larger format, but without renouncing the idea of monochromatism.

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